Withstands medium energy impact from high speed particles.

Withstands low energy impact from high speed particles.

Provides protection from harmful UV.

Lenses are suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments providing clarity in lower light and protection from bright sun light.

Amber lenses enhance contrast and depth perception making them helpful for overcast, hazy and foggy conditions.

Features anti-scratch coating.

Features anti-mist coating.

Can be worn over prescription eyewear.

Indirect ventilation prevents dust entering the goggle.

Indirect ventilation prevents liquid splashes entering the goggle.

Double-lens and moisture control patch offer fog-free use, even in extreme temperatures.

Arms can be rotated to create a more comfortable fit around the wearers head and face.

Flexible frame provides an improved fit to a wide range of head sizes and facial profiles.

Ideal for outdoor applications around reflective surfaces (water/offshore/ports/driving).

LED lights mounted on the spectacle temple that can be rotated to point in a specific direction.

RX inserts can be fitted for

attaching prescription eyewear.

Face-shield can be raised and positioned away from the face when not in use.

Replaceable/interchangeable face-shield.

Safety Spectacles

• Suitable for use with hand tools.

Safety Goggles

• Suitable for use with power tools.

Safety Visors

• Suitable for use with power tools with extra protection to the face.

EN Standard referring to strength

Optical quality (1=high, 3=low)

Increased robustness mineral lens

Low energy impact 45 m/s

Medium energy impact 120 m/s

For protection at extremes of temperature

Resistance to liquid droplets

Resistance to large dust particles (up to 5 µm)

Resistance to gas and fine particles (below 5 µm)

Resistance to short circuit electric arc

Resistance to molten metals and hot solids

Resistance to surface damage by fine particles


Frame suitable for small head (PD=54mm)

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